• These resources are meant for 4th ESO students. I hope you enjoy them while you learn English.

  • We hope you will find useful all the digital resources you are going to find here. With your ideas, and more important, with your work, we hope to create here a large bank of resources available to all those studying this level.

  • Here you will find all kind of digital resources to help you when studying English. Many of them are also in your book or you can reach them if you get to the webpage of the publishing company (OUP), but we have the intention of providing many more taken from many other places or made by you and your colleagues and then shared here with everybody.

  • This is the beginning of the middle school years. Here we are going to offer you different resources to help you when studying English. Some of them will be in your student's or workbook, but many others won't. We hope you find them useful and they help you to find your own pace and make the most of your capacities and abilities.

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